Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dragon Description

Ragged wings droop down from Bob’s blubbery body. Horns as white as
milk, curve like the grim reaper's sickle. Scales, rough like
sandpaper, stick to Bobby’s skin. The golden horizon beams into his eyes.
The wings flap effortlessly and still keep the dragon flying. The boney hind feet look and smell
like an evil witches hand. Bobby-Bo-Jangle’s alluring blue eyes shine like the sun.
Miniature bones form a line, running across Bob’s back.
A plump body shifts its weight throughout the journey.

Ubiquitous clouds, puffy like cotton balls, coil around the dazzling sky.
A ring of clouds makes way for the dragons. The horizon turns golden-amber.
The blazing sun scorches the dragons, as they roar through the sky.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

SSW Stories

The story of the pig
Once there was a pig. The pig ate too many sweets. The result, was all of his teeth gone. The end

The story of the kid.
The kid was hot. The kid turned on the fan. He was cool now. The end

The story of the lasanga
The lasagna went in the oven. It screamed and got burnt alive. Then it got eaten by a cow. The end.

The story of James
James laughed. Everyone laughed. James struk a pose everyone struk a pose. The end

The story of Bob
Bob went to the supermarket. He bought some milk and cereal. Then he bought some socks. He also bought some candy. The end.

The story of Jeff
Jeff screamed "MYYY NAAMEEE ISSS JEFFFFF."The end. 

Why you should be able to play Fortnite at school

Why you should be able to play Fortnite at school

Hey you!, have you wanted to play video games at school. Well I have.
This is why:

Studies at university of Toronto have shown that shooter/action video games
like COD (Call Of Duty), Assassin's Creed ect, can increase your hand-eye
coordination. Also it can increase your reaction time, that both can help in a
serious situation. Hand-eye coordination can help in things like baseball,
tennis, table tennis and any martial arts.

Furthermore it can encourage teamwork, if you play in squads you have to
gang up to eliminate another squad. This will help younger children learn the
importance of teamwork. While playing they will also teach the children to
share. In squads one player might have a lot of medium ammo.
Another player might need some and give some rockets in exchange.

A Lot of food is gone to waste because people are not eating their
lunch, so students will only be able to play if they have ate all of their
lunch. Now parents will be happy because the work gone into the lunch,
was worth it.

Moreover, out of all the video games I chose Fortnite.
That is because of the kid friendly appearance.
There is no blood but there are funny looking characters.
If you get shot there is no puncture hole in the skin. There are different
modes solos, duos, and what I mentioned before, squads.
LTMs(limited time modes) can come out. They can be like sniper
shootout (only snipers), 50v50 (Two teams of 50 people) 20v20v20v20v20
( Five teams of 20) and more. Fortnite is not like a game that is similar to GTA
(Grand Theft Auto)

I believe that students should be able to play Fortnite at lunch because
it helps children increase their hand-eye coordination and reaction time.
It also helps them learn the role of teamwork, and there will be empty lunch
boxes which makes parents feel like the hard work paid off.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Character Description Of Elite Agent In Fortnite

Image result for elite agent fortnite

Hair: Agent E has pin straight hair that looks like strips of dark ghana chocolate.
She has a rough helmet, slightly damaged from her past missions.
The helmet is pitch black and has been grazed.
The helmet is miniscule and tight.
A devil red flashlight sticks out of the side of the helmet.
A little baby piece of hair dangles from the top of her head to her forehead.   

Face: Her eyes are always glaring at you with a serious look.
Agent E’s eyes are mud brown and intimidating.
Her mask covers her miniature nose from the world.
The mask also hides her cracked lips that have little pieces of skin peeling off.
The design of the face mask is a black and gray, shady camo.
Her ears are stuck back to the side of her head like a five year old rushing towards lollies.
The skin on her forehead is silky smooth.
When she isn’t wearing a helmet, she wears some dark designer sunglasses to conceal her eyes and identity.

Body: Her body is spindly.
Agent E’s ankles are stick thin and oddly shaped from breaking her left ankle.
Her ankle is twisted and a bone sticks out.
Her feet are elongated and bony.
Agent E’s fists are closed and on her raw-boned hips whenever she’s not fighting.
On her palms are fingers that look like little twigs sticking off.
Her tight pants chafe Agent E’s pained knees. Her arms and body are spotty.

Clothing: A wee yellow cloth wraps around Agent E’s right arm.
Her watch is space black, with a blue screen.
Skinny cloud white waves weave around the edge of the screen.
Towering boots soar to just below her knees.
Little bumps hang out of the bottom of her shoes.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Science Experiment.

Walking Water Science Experiment

  • Three glasses that are equal in height
  • A mixing tool
  • Paper towel x2
  • Food colouring (Two colours)
  • Water
  1. Line up three glasses.
  2. Prepare two pieces of paper towel, fold them once and then fold them again.
  3. Carefully place one side of the paper towel in the outside cup, leading to the middle.
  4. Repeat on the other outside cup.
  5. Pour water half way up in the cups (excluding the middle one)
  6. Drop two different colour droplets in each cup. Do it with caution.(So the paper towel doesn’t come out.)
  7. Wait for several hours.

Tips And Hints

Tip: When you fold the paper towel, it should be about 3 ½ cms wide.
Tip: Use two primary colours for the food colouring, so the colour in the centre cup will look better then it would with random ones.
Hint: The longer you wait, more water will travel to the middle.


1.The paper towel started flat and bumpy, and the end it starts to droop.
2. The middle cup is a different colour to the outside ones. If you used red and blue it would turn purple. Blue+yellow=green Yellow+red=orange
3.The paper towel has turned the different colours.

Paper towels and paper can absorb any liquid.

Fold and fill cups with water
Put paper towel in from the left side cup to the middle and the right side to the middle.

The water has now ‘walked’ across the paper towel into the middle cup. The paper towel absorbed the water and the water ‘walked’ across, creating purple because blue and red is purple.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Biography Of Richard

Biography Of Richard

How he became a scientist: Richard was first interested in  astronomy. He wanted a telescope for his birthday but they were too expensive. So his parents got him a chemistry set, he played with it in his garage for a long time. This is when he knew he wanted to be a scientist. He then grew up and became a scientist.

What his current job is: His current job is being a scientist, more precisely, a virologist. A virologist is a person that studies viruses. Quick fact, the word ologist is a greek word for the study of. If a doctor thinks someone has a new virus, the doctor might take a cotton swab and touch your throat. S/he will send it to someone like Richard. It will be studied on to reveal the answer. Richard also makes vaccines.
Studies: Richard was interested in dinosaurs from a young age and knew most of the dinosaurs names, what they ate, where they lived and what they looked like. He knew this all when he was only ten. He knew he wasn’t good at maths or physics. In school he tried physic classes but he hated it. Later on he realised that he didn’t need to be good at physics because when he did become a scientist, he worked in a team, so if he needed help he could ask the other scientists.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Rust Collage

We made this collage about rust because we read a text about rust. We looked around the school taking photos of where we could find rust. We found these places, enjoy :)